Mutants and Masterminds - ETLC

Eternal Sunshine, Dark Times

The Sun has frozen across the West Coast. It has been high noon for every hour, every day for the past 9 months. Considered pleasant at first, there are a myriad of problems that have come from the sun staying stagnant in the air. Water shortages have caused the grass to dry up. Dry grass has caused livestock to die. Dead livestock produced famine and disease. People have tried to leave the coast, but there’s a barrier of some kind keeping all the inhabitants in and the rest of the country out.

Where We Last Left Off

The Fission and Fox Man, a retired B list hero, met at San Diego Comic-Con in July, 2018. The two became aware of the presence of The Doom Star outside of the venue. The Doom Star is the renovated mobile fortress, and lair of Darth Atrokain, the former #21 and lead henchman of The Monarch.

Fission and Fox Man have confronted Darth Atrokain who was sporting some far futuristic tech, including new body armor and a glowing red spear. His appearance has also changed to pale gray with dead, sunken eyes. Atrokain managed to use the Comic Con attendees as hostages in his battle against The Fission and his new found ally. Just when The Fission had Atrokain beaten, time froze in that area. The sun’s position hasn’t changed since, and The Fission, Fox Man, and Atrokain have been frozen in place.


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