Young, Petty Thief turned up and coming Hero


Real Name: Vira Helistra Domiquo
Code Name: Phased
Identity: Public

Gender: F   Age: 19   Height: 5’ 3"   Eyes: Blue   Hair: Red


Strength Agility Fighting Awareness Stamina Dexterity Intellect Presence










  • Agile Feint
  • Assessment
  • Instant Up
  • Defensive Roll x10
  • Evasion x2
  • Extraordinary Effort
  • Favored Environment (Urban)
  • Fast Grab
  • Move-by Action
  • Improved Critical x 4
  • Improved Trip
  • Improved Initiative
  • Precise Attack x2


Acrobatics - 10(+5)  Close Combat: Unarmed - 10(+3)  Deception - 8(+3)  Perception - 4(+3)   
Sleight of Hand - 10(+4) Stealth - 10(+5)  Vehicles - 6(+4)



  • Movement: Permeate 3
  • Immunity: Suffocation 1 (in Solid objects)

Soul Strike

  • Weaken: Fortitude 10 (vs Dodge) (Extra(s): Alternate Resistance, Insidious, Penetrating 5, Reversable)


  • Affliction: Vulnerable, Defenseless, Incapacitated 10 (vs Dodge/Fort) (Extra(s): Alternate Resistance)

Tunnel Vision

  • Senses: Penetrates Concealment 4 (Vision)


Initiation – 9

Basic Unarmed Strike – 13 (+2* if in Urban Environment) [DC: 17] (Crit: 16)

Soul Strike – 10 (+2* if in Urban Environment) [DC: 20]

Grounded – 10 (+2 if in Urban Environment) [DC: 20]


Dodge – 5
Parry – 3
Fortitude – 0
Toughness – 0 (10* Defensive Roll)
Will – 3


Acceptance – Having a criminal past people tend to not trust her if they recognize her. Some will even go out of their way to bring up this fact to others.

Thrills – For her being a hero is her chance to have fun and not get in trouble for it.

Prejudice – Phased is a Mutant.

Bad Reputation – Phased is a decently known ex petty thief.

Power point Distribution

Abilities: 46   Advantages: 27   Skills: 29   Powers: 48

1Power level: 10


“I hope this doesn’t PHASE you too much.”

~Among many similar one-liners Phase will use during a battle.

*From the desk of Acquisition or Removal of Metahumans Overwhelming Resurgence

Real Name: Vira Helistra Domiquo
Alias(es): Ghost, Trouble, Red
Gender: F
Nationality: Irish-American
Height: 5’ 3"
Weight: 120 lbs
Metahuman Type: Mutant

“That kid’s nothing but trouble…”

~Shopkeeper that refuses to believe that Phased is no longer a criminal.


Phasing: Phase has the mutant ability to altering her molecular structure, giving her the ability to pass through solid matter. The density of the object she phases through does not matter. There does not seem to be any material she can not pass through. She also has the ability to control the plane in which she phases through, going as low or as high as she chooses although in either case there has to be a solid object to pass through in order to descend or ascend. While in her phased state she also loses the necessity to breath. It is currently unknown how long she can remain in her phased state, if not indefinitely. Phased has to make a conscious effort to phase and has not demonstrated using this ability to avoid a direct attack, however she has demonstrated using her ability offensively such as partially phasing other people through objects or her Soul Strike. It appear to take a lot of effort from her to phase other people, making phasing with someone for extended periods almost impossible. Phased also has the ability to see through solid matter, focusing on whatever she can see within her depth of vision (20/20).
Soul Strike: Name chosen by Phased herself for an attack that has her strike phase into her opponent and rapidly fluctuate her arm in and out of the phased state. This causes a number of complications to her opponent, a couple of which are nausea and a mild weakening of the persons structural integrity. The latter is temporary but the victim of this attack does not even notice the weakened state of their body.

“Is it worth it to fight for people that don’t even believe in you?”

~Phased questioning herself and her mentor after seeing the news with her criminal past, televised.


                    Shortly after Vira’s birth her parents as well as other mutants and non mutants sympathizers were viciously attacked by an anti-mutant group. Her parents pleaded with a nurse to take her away. By the end of the whole ordeal Vira survived. Her parents were not as fortunate. She was placed in an orphanage where she remained until her teenage years. Around this time she discovered that she had the ability to pass through solid objects. In secret, through trial and error she learned how to control this power. She soon left the orphanage to see if she could make it on her own. In the several days of her being on her own she discovered the harshness of the real world and tried to return to the safety of the orphanage but found out that after they discovered that she left they could no longer be responsible for her. She was truly on her own this time.
                    Food, shelter and hygiene soon became issues so she began stealing what she could to survive. Having her power made this incredibly easy. This didn’t go unnoticed. She soon met a boy around her same age that offered her a place to stay and a since of belonging, within his gang. She thought the offer was to good to be true and took him up on it immediately. At first he treated her like a guest, giving her food, a nice warm bed to sleep, companionship and friendly conversation within the gang. She felt she was no longer alone. As time progressed she started asking “favors” of her. In the beginning the favors started small such as keeping a lookout for anyone looking to get them in trouble. The boy then began to ask her to use her powers to get into places that normally would be inaccessible, making her aware that he knew of her abilities. Although she was hesitant at first of doing these things the more she did them the less it bothered her. She even began to become infatuated with the boy. He knew this and preyed upon this fact asking her to do more and more elaborate things.
                    One day the two of them and two others attempted to rob a local shop. they believe the shop to be empty to they took cash and several of the shop’s products off the shelf. What they didn’t know was that Shop owner sometimes sleep in his shop and was witnessing the crime and called the police. After several minutes he came out and stuck several of the young boys with his baseball bat but it was Vira who took the heaviest hit and fell down. At this point the heard the sirens in the distance and looked Vira in the eye and told everyone to run, living her behind. The shop owner tried to stop them but only managed to keep Vira from getting up. Right before the cops came in Vira phased through the floor and made her escape, to the shop owner’s surprise. Her feeling and pride hurt more than anything else to made the trek back to the gang’s hideout.
                    Upon arriving back the young boy acted as if everything were normal and nothing had happened. When Vira confronted him about abandoning her he said that he knew she could escape on her own because of her “gift”. She believed him and soon they were back to old business. As time went on, the boy started to pull more and more complex delinquent heist. He was starting to make a name for himself, with Vira’s help. This brought about the attention of a mob boss who controlled the boy’s section of town. He located the boy and beat him mercilessly but he pleaded for his life and told them about Vira and her abilities. He then had the boy coax her into a position to be captured. He did as the asked and Vira was knocked out. After they took her they killed the boy in cold blood.
                    Unaware of what was going on Vira awoke face to face with a stranger in a place she had never been before tied to a chair. To test her ability one of the Mob boss’ goon threw a small rock at her, which struck her face, causing her to bleed. Seeing this they started to doubt the boy’s story. The mob boss was still unsure and ordered one of his workers to drop a pallet of money they were transporting on a forklift. The worker, although hesitant at first did as he was asked. Vira screamed and then the chair was completely smashed as the full weight of the pallet fell. Vira then walked through the pallet unharmed (besides the rock wound). At that, the Mob boss told her that she worked for him. He also told her that for any reason that she didn’t listen to and follow any command he gave, he would kill her without hesitation. He then showed her pictures of the dead boy.
                    Several days passed as Vira was imprisoned in her room with only food and water to keep her company. The mob boss then entered her room and said that he had a job for her. As they left in a vehicle Vira finally felt the courage to ask what he wanted from her. He told her that she would be helping him rob the contents of a safety deposit box deep within the vault of a bank. One of the people accompanying the boss showed her the layout of the vault and which box she needed to take. It was on a hidden second floor which could only be accessed through a set of stairs behind a steel door locked by a security system. From there was the Vault which held the lock box.
                    Vira was then equipped with a radio and sent on her way. She literally walked through the front door, passed through the security stair and up to the vault. She went through the vault and then began choking. She ran out immediately. She radio’d to the boss that she couldn’t do it because the vault had no air. She couldn’t breathe while she was inside. The boss replied that he wasn’t interested in excuses, only results and if she returned without the contents of that box he would end her life. Out of fear she tried again, taking as big of a breath as she could prior to entering the vault. Once inside she looked around for the proper box. It took her several seconds to find but eventually removed the contents. Light headed she then tries to return but finds quickly that she couldn’t phase. Not only this but she set off a blaring alarm. She tried and tried but eventual ends up collapsing because of a lack of oxygen. Upon hitting the ground her body phases through slamming down to the 1st floor.
                    It became a Big News event after reporters found out that a young lady was found unconscious with jewels in her hands. She was taken to the hospital but under the supervision of the authorities. When she awoke she was handcuffed to her hospital bed. After several hour of consciousness Police Officers questioned her about why she was there and why she had jewels in her hand. Vira Just found herself crying whenever she tried to answer a question. The questions then stopped. A person in uniform came and all of the Police Officers left leaving the two alone.

“My name is Trasia. I’m an agent of A.R.M.O.R. What’s your name?” the lady said.

Although she didn’t know the woman she trusted her. She answered “Vira”.

The lady asked her “So why haven’t you escaped yet?”.

Surprised, Vira responded “I… I don’t know what you…”

“We saw video of you in the vault. Don’t worry, we confiscated it before anyone could view it.” she interrupted.

“Um… we?”

Trasia continued. “As I said, I am an Agent of A.R.M.O.R. Now you have one of two choices: You can come with me, answer any and all questions I have for you truthfully or you can be arrested, hunted and hated for the rest of your life.”

Vira didn’t want to be arrested. Even if she phased she knew it was just a matter of time before her ‘ex-employer’ came looking for her. She hung her hear and nodded toward. Trasia.

“Good! Are you well enough to stand? To walk?” the Agent said.

Vira said “Yes… I thin..”

“Then come along.”

She didn’t even bother to uncuff the girl. She sighed and phase into a standing position, caught up and followed the Agent.

“You never answered my question.” she said. “Why didn’t you just leave? You had plenty of opportunity and ability.”

“Because I knew if I ran, the people who made me rob the vault would eventual find me… and kill me.”

“Really now? Well consider yourself under my protection. And after I’m through with you, you’ll not only be able to protect yourself but you’ll be looked up to as a hero.”

So began the Adventure of Phased…


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