"The Man"

When you have Every Power, You become a Legend...


To the World, “The Man” was the hero amongst heroes. “The Man” could do no wrong and was the best, beyond all others. “The Man” was synonymous with the word Super Hero. In the veteran hero community however they knew “The Man” was far less than the media portrays him as. In fact they knew “The Man” ‘s actual capabilities can generally go no further than the common thug apprehension. So where is the discrepancy? Veteran Heroes realized that “The Man” gave people hope. What he stood for was far greater than any one person’s; one hero’s pride, personal reputation or dignity. Every hero will go out of his or her way in order to preserve that image. Every hero in the world would go out of his or her way to “assist” “The Man” in whatever crime he happens to be fighting at the time. There are actually dedicated teams of super heroes (T.M.N.T- The Man Navigations & Tactics, TMPT- The Man’s Pre Transits, TMOO- The Man’s Objectives and Operations) that track his location, activities and stations heroes in his vicinity to help out the legendary figure to achieve any number of operations. They can even stage events so well that “The Man” will be caught taking out Mega Villains on camera, by himself.

So how do Big Villians feel about “The Man”? Typically after an encounter with “The Man” most villains typically try to stay clear of him or just reform their ways because of the amount of beat down they receive from the sheer number of heroes that come to his aid.

So how does “The Man” feel about this? He never knows, nor would ever find out. In his dedicated teams are also powerful psychics which could manipulate either him or his surrounding to achieve the desired effects.

He can be full of himself sometimes and puffs up his accomplishments more than they deserve but he knows that he was charged with protecting the world and that’s just what he is going to do?

So what are the Powers of “The Man”? All of them*, to the most visually spectacular effect.

(*His abilities with each of them are above average at best. He has the STR, DEX, AGI, STA, INT, WIS, AWA, and PRE of an above average male.)

"The Man"

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