Trasia "Lox" Lavelle

One of the original heroes that fought against Coarse.


Real Name: Trasia Lana Lavelle
Code Name: Lox
Identity: Secret

Gender: F   Age: 32   Height: 5’ 10"   Eyes: Green   Hair: Black(Blonde in Costume)


Strength Agility Fighting Awareness Stamina Dexterity Intellect Presence










  • Agile Feint
  • Benefit (Ambidexterity)
  • Chokehold
  • Extraordinary Effort
  • Grabbing Finesse
  • Improved Disarm
  • Improved Hold
  • Improved Trip
  • Improvised Tools
  • Move By Action
  • Takedown (Rank:2)
  • Teamwork
  • Throwing Mastery
  • Ultimate Effort (Ultimate Bind)
  • Uncanny Dodge


Acrobatic – 14   Close Combat: Unarmed – 10   Investigation – 10   Perception – 20   Ranged Combat: Throwing – 20   Treatment – 10


Prehensile Hair

  • Extra Limbs 10 (Extra(s): Continuous, Projection; Precise)(Linked: Growth, Elongation)

  • Growth 20 (Flaw(s): Limited- Hair Only)
    Elongation 10 (Flaw(s): Limited- Hair Only)

Color Change

  • Feature 2
    (Can change her hair color to whatever color she chooses)
    (Lox’s Hair is always clean and free of Debris)

Self Aware Hair

  • Deflect 15 (Extra(s): Reflect, Redirect; Flaw(s): Limited- Hair Only)

  • Senses 2 (Detect, Flaw(s): Limited- Hair Only)

Hair Travel

  • Speed 10 (Flaw(s): Limited- Hair Only)

Irresistible Bindings

  • Immunity 5 (Immunity to Immunity entrapment)


  • Concealment 10 (All senses, Flaw(s): Blending, Limited- Hair Only)


Initiative – 10
Full Tendril Grab – 15= 10(Elongation)+ 5(Extra Limbs) [Opposed Strength: 20]
Object/Person Throw – 15 [DC: 30]
“Flat Iron” (Slam Attack) – 0 [DC: 26/27* if full speed, 13* /w hair full length]
Unarmed – 10 [DC: 35]


Dodge – 10(0/w hair Full length)
~if actively Deflecting – 15
Parry – 2(-8/w hair Full length)
~if actively Deflecting – 15
Fortitude – 2
Toughness – 2(22/w hair Full length)
Will – 4


Justice – Although no longer Tisiphone, Trasia still has a strong urge to see justice done.

Identity – No one knows Trasia Lavelle is Lox, except her Aunt and the higher ups of A.R.M.O.R.

Temper – Her daughter died as a result of metahuman crossfire. Any mention of her daughter tends to bring out her anger.

Power point Distribution

Abilities: 64   Advantages: 16   Skills: 42   Powers: 103

1Power level: 15

*Ability Rank enhanced by her hair


“My hair shielded a family from a nuclear explosion without even losing a follicle and yet the Coarse monster was able to tear an entire section from my head…”

~Lox debriefing an A.R.M.O.R agent after a skirmish w/ Coarse.

*From the desk of Acquisition or Removal of Metahumans Overwhelming Resurgence

Real Name: Trasia Lana Lavelle
Alias(es): Lox, Lady “It”, Lana, Meta-Mom, Fury Tisiphone, Agent Lavelle
Gender: F
Nationality: Spanish
Height: 5’ 10"(w/o Power Expressed)/255’ 2"(last known height w/ hair fully Expressed)
Weight: 145 lbs(w/o Power Expressed)/165 lbs(last known weight w/hair fully Expressed)
Metahuman Type: Magical

“Hell Hath no Fury!”

~The last words Sinestri heard after his minion’s crossfire killed Lox’s daughter.


Semi-Sentient Prehensile Hair: Lox is able to manipulate and control her hair with as fine detail as she would her hand. In fact, in many ways her hair demonstrates a higher degree of dexterity than her hands could ever perform. Although she has complete control over her hair it tends to show a somewhat will of it’s own occasionally, but will always perform tasks which are in the best interest of Lox. This allows many different tasks to be done at the same times without Lox having to think about them much (an example of this was when her daughter was only a baby, her hair rocked the child asleep, heated up a bottle, was changing the baby’s diaper and cleaning up Lox’s house all while Lox herself slept!).
Exceptional Hair Durability: Each strand of Lox’s hair has over 100x the Strength and Durability of Spider Silk. Resistant to being cut the only samples of Lox’s hair came about when it was ripped away by Coarse. Later in her career it was also revealed she is capable of shielding an entire family, home and all, from a nuclear blast. The samples are currently being studied by A.R.M.O.R scientists.
Hair Growth: Lox’s Hair has the ability to grow at will to a length of over 250 ft. Her hair can lift her up to this height and is able to “walk” around. She can revert this at will.
Hair Elasticity: Her hair is able to stretch great lengths without much stress. Typical hair length it stretches to about 1 mile. At full growth it can go up to 300 miles. She can revert this at will.
Hair Strength: Lox’s hair has the capability of lifting 25 Kilotons with no strain.
Hair Color Change: Lox could only change her hair to any natural hair color early on. As she had more practice with it she could turn it to any color she could possibly perceive. Eventually should would even be able to replicate intricate patterns and designs. This application of her power eventually lead her to be able to create a form of camouflage, if her hair covered her body.
Hair Travel: Lox’s Hair rounds out and creates a giant ball encompassing her and is able to travel at impressive speeds. Top speed has been secretly recorded at ~2,000 miles/hr.

“Whether you give it willingly or I take it against your will, Your life is no longer your own…”

~Lox, as Fury sister, Tisiphone; said to a crime Lord who escaped justice for murder.


                    Trasia Lavelle was born into a rich and illustrious family. She never wanted for anything. As she grew up she became very spoiled and accustomed to getting her way. At age 11, A family business trip brought them to an almost untouched section of the world where natural resources were in extreme abundance. Bored of her surroundings, Trasia decides to run off on her own but not without the notice of her mother. Oblivious to her surroundings she didn’t notice that she was in fact being stalked by a denizen of heavy vegetated Forest. As it crept up on her she didn’t notice it until it was only inches from her face. A large white snake. A snake so white that it appeared to glow with it’s brilliance. Lavelle would have screamed if she wasn’t completely immobile with fear. The snake seemed to look her in the eye. Her mother seeing ran to Lavelle and tried to pull her away from danger but she couldn’t budge her. The snake seem to ignore her and continued to stare into her eyes. It slowly then began to open it’s mouth and even after Trasia’s mother attempted to shield her by sacrificing her own body, the snake seem to pass through her mother’s body and bite Trasia anyway. Trasia immediately passed out and her mother screamed. This scream got the attention of her father and the other accompanying parties. After finding the two of them Trasia’s father quickly fell to his daughter’s side calling the doctor they brought along. After checking her vitals, the doctor pronounced Trasia dead.
                    An aboriginal man then appeared and stated that Trasia in fact is not dead but was chosen by the spirit of the land. However, he said, that in her current state that Trasia would in fact die if one did not “journey with her”. He explained that Trasia was on a spiritual journey and would learn a great lesson by the end of it but she travels in the spirit world and requires a person in this world to open a window for her to return. Immediately her father tried to volunteer but the aboriginal man, said only a person who saw the spirit of the land is capable of attempting this journey. This was Trasia’s mother.
                    The aboriginal man then lead the party, who carried Trasia, to his village to prepare Trasia’s mother for the trial. The villagers seem to appear to be hostile toward their arrival and although none of them could understand what any of them were saying they could tell that their presence there was unwanted. The aboriginal man was approached by a strong male villager to appeared to talk to the aboriginal man aggressively. He responded with “She was chosen by Alnariza”, and point toward the unconscious Trasia. The whole village gasped in disbelief. More aggressive speech came from the strong male which he replied, “She chooses who she pleases, I have no control over her whims”. Again the young male spoke briefly where he replied “This woman will be the guide.” The village began an uproar of what seemed to be disapproval. The aboriginal man the just walked away and toward Trasia’s mother. She asked was their something wrong to which he replied, “a woman has not been a guide nor a wanderer in over 7000 years”.
                    The aboriginal man explained that there are 3 tests: The test of Strength, Courage and Love. Only if she passes all 3 tests will she be given the opportunity to revive Trasia. The first test pitted her against the strongest warrior of the village. Thanks to the fact that Trasia’s mother attended a Kickboxing class for several years to stay in shape, she in fact won the skirmish. The next test had her retrieve an relic which she had to cross a room full of shoe sized scorpions. After kissing her husband she gritted her teeth and began to wade through the insects. Her screams littered the night and after she reach the pedestal there slightly hovering above it was a intricately designed stick pin. After getting it she felt she was that much closer to saving her caught but realized that she had to go back the same way. It was the most painful experience she had ever went through. She thought of her daughter and slowly began to walk back but discovered that the scorpions this time left her alone.
                    The aboriginal man brought Trasia’s mother to her daughter who lay unconscious on a ritualistic stone slab. Upon arriving the villagers then grab and restrain every member of Trasia’s party except for her mother. Confused she asked why. The aboriginal man told her that the final test was Love. He further explained that the relic she held would open the door for Trasia but close the door for herself, all she had to do was prick her finger and put it into her daughter’s mouth. Trasia’s father protested many times but ultimately she went through with it. Before she did it however the man whispered to her that Trasia, according their legend, would save be a defender of humanity. After going through with it she repeatedly said “I love you” looking at her husband and as Trasia’s eyes began to open then to her, as her eyes began to close and she stopped. Trasia’s eyes widened as her mother lay dead before her. The party soon after left the village back home.
                    Trasia’s relationship with her father was very strained. He grew cold and distant from her, keeping himself engrossed in his work. For a while she had no one she could talk to. She felt she killed her mother and had a lot of self loathing about how she could have been a better daughter in the past and took a lot; in her life, for granted. Trasia’s Aunt decided to look after her niece for a while and took Trasia to stay with her. It took Trasia some time to get use to her new surrounding but it gave Trasia some time to vent out her emotions and finally cry about it. Her aunt was very loving, patient and encouraging.
                    Several years later, after Trasia reached puberty she notice a lot of strange occurrences happening around her, particularly when she brushed or combed her hair. One afternoon after a particularly hard day of school she looked at herself in the mirror and said outloud, “I really don’t feel like brushing my hair”. Soon after her hair picked up a brush began to brush itself, which re-actively caused Lavelle to scream. Her Aunt ran to check on her and Trasia recounted what happened. She ultimately laughed and Trasia trying to reproduce the events without success just made her laugh harder.
                    Other strange things she discovered was that her hair couldn’t be cut; mechanically or with scissors, If she tried to dye her hair it remained the same color, her hair never got dirty and it moved on it’s own occasionally.
                    On day on her way home from school some local hoodlums around her age robbed her at gun point. She had very little except for her purse. She tried to give it told them but seem to be caught in her hair. This got one of them very angry and pulled out a gun pointing it directly to Trasia’s head. He pulled one more time which it was still caught. He pulled the trigger. Trasia scream but was not dead. This freaked the robbers out and they try to run. As they turned her hair lashed out to all the would be robbers, yanking them off their feet and slamming them on the ground, meanwhile handing the purse to her open hands. The Police come along to investigate the disturbance and see 3 juvenile offender unconscious at Trasia’s feet. this made the news, how a little girl defended herself against armed robbers with nothing but a purse. Although she couldn’t explain it she felt that she had some kind of control of what happened. the news got the attention of her Father who tried to take Trasia back. His Aunt tried to dissuade him from this but he refused to listen until Trasia herself told him that she was happy there. After hearing that he turned around, simply said “I’m sorry, Trasia” and left.
                    For months she practiced trying to control her hair. With practice she discovered she could manipulate the length, she could lift thing she normally couldn’t, she could grab things and even make a somewhat protective shield with only her hair.

“I don’t believe we have hair pins that strong, sir”

~A.R.M.O.R Agent that was asked to detain Lox. He was then punched in the face.


Period Event
-Pre-Coarse Mother Died
Gained Powers
Stopped 1st Violent Crime
Aunt discovered Trasia’s Powers
Trasia discovered that her Aunt was Ex Special Forces. She teaches her some basics skills and has her train in the development of her powers. Decides to adopt the codename “Lox”
Goes off to College in America
Receives her degree and becomes a US citizen
Meets Thomas Coral (Coarse), Brandon Heat and ??? and form a Hero team
Thomas Coral is ripped from Coarse
-Age of Coarse Stave off Coarse from destroying the planet
Shields a family and their home from a nuclear explosion fired from the world leaders trying to end Coarse
Direct confrontation leads to Coarse ripping some of Lox’s Hair out (a presumed impossible feat) causing Lox’s Hair to be reluctant in future battles against Coarse
The combined forces of the team lead them to repel Coarse from the planet. Brandon Heat gave chase
-Post-Coarse Trasia marries
Trasia has a daughter
Trasia partially retires from being a Super hero
Trasia’s daughter dies in a Hero/villain crossfire
-Fury Saga Rips Sinistri in two using her powers. First time she had ever killed in Cold Blood
Subconsciously strangles her husband for blaming her for their daughter’s death, while they slept
A.R.M.O.R agents capture and subdue Trasia for the murders
Trasia is broken out of the A.R.M.O.R instillation and joins the two other female metahumans and create form the furies. Lox adopts the name “Fury sister, Tisiphone”.
The Fury sisters punished/killed anyone they felt escaped justice. Initially just criminals but Fury sister, Megaera’s subtle mind influences caused Trasia to target Heroes as well. Particularly those involved in her daughter’s death.
Trasia target’s her father. Trasia is confronted by her Aunt. She is defeated and discovers that her Aunt use to be in a anti-metahuman division of the military. She also brings Trasia out of her grief and convinces her to fight the Fury sisters.
Defeats the Fury sisterhood and turns herself in to A.R.M.O.R
-Current Serves her time and becomes an A.R.M.O.R agent.

Trasia "Lox" Lavelle

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