Foundation X founding member


Real Name: Sabastian Ricardo Dungeons
Code Name: WindFall
Identity: Private

Gender: M   Age: 21   Height: 5’ 7"   Eyes: Black   Hair: White


Strength Agility Fighting Awareness Stamina Dexterity Intellect Presence










  • Assessment
  • Defensive Roll (8)
  • Beginner’s Luck
  • Benefit – Wealth(5), Cipher(5), Diplomatic Immunity, Status
  • Connected
  • Contacts
  • Diehard
  • Evasion (2)
  • Extraordinary Effort
  • Fearless
  • Improved Critical (4)
  • Improvised Tools
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Luck (6)
  • Move By Action
  • Precise Attack (Cover, Ranged)
  • Power Attack
  • Teamwork
  • Throw Mastery (12)
  • Ultimate Effort Resistance (Toughness)
  • Uncanny Dodge
  • Well Informed


Close Combat: Unarmed - 10(+1)  Insight - 8(+4)  Perception - 6(+4)     
Investigation - 8(+3) Treatment - 8(+3)  Ranged Combat: Improvised - 6(+5)



  • Luck (12)
  • Extra: Luck (6)

Lost Sight

  • Concealment (5)
  • Flaw: Blending

Where it Hurts

  • Damage: Unarmed (6)
  • Extra: Alternate Resistance (Fortitude)
  • Extra: Affects Insubstantial (2)
  • Link: Weaken: Fighting (3) (Will)

Happen by Chance

  • Feature (1) Random Beneficial events occur that assist WindFall

Always Surprised

  • Immunity (2) Uncanny Dodge

Gift of Agelessness

  • Immunity (1) Aging


Initiation – 5

Basic Unarmed Strike – 11 [DC: 27/if Crit* 32] (Crit: 16)

Throwing stuff – 11 [DC: 27/if Crit 32]


Dodge – 6
Parry – 1
Fortitude – 4
Toughness – 4 (12* (+8)Defensive Roll)
Will – 4


Thrall: Indebted to a Den of Ancient Vampire Lords. Sabastian is free to do as he wishes however any decision that do not align with his Masters’ create a conflict.

Out of Touch: Being underground for years at a time Sebastian isn’t always aware of events or occurrences.

Power point Distribution

Abilities: 56   Advantages: 60   Skills: 23   Powers: 56

1Power level: 13


“Luck? Why yes… yes it was.”

~ WindFall confirming the suspicions of a fallen foe

*From the desk of Acquisition or Removal of Metahumans Overwhelming Resurgence

Real Name: Sabastian Ricardo Dungeons
Alias(es): Lucky
Gender: M
Nationality: Caucasian-American
Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 145 lbs
Metahuman Type: Mutant

“…and then he threw this bird out of nowhere and knocked me out.”

~Foiled Burglar attempting to steal from Sebastian’s house.


Probability Manipulation: WindFall benefits from increased chances of particular events occurring, even if said event is improbable in nature. This has been documented to occur both consciously and subconsciously. For example if WindFall was attacked he may manipulate events to where hitting him would prove to difficult. Using the same example if someone were to attack WindFall in his sleep, random consecutive events are likely to occur to thwart the attackers effort (i.e- he happens to roll over at the right time, the attacker’s watch explodes, the attacker’s mom happen to be friends with WindFall and interrupts the attack, etc). Research scientist studied his capabilties quoting: “If the average Lottery odds within the United States are 12,271,512:1, the odds of WindFall winning would to 2:1…”.
Ageless: Being a thrall of The Vampire Lords they imbued him with a virus that stopped the aging process of his tissues. This did not make him a vampire nor completely subservient to them however it did create an unknown attachment to them. It is not known whether this was purposeful or the effect of his probabilty manipulation. The virus also had the side-effect of causing his hair to turn white.

“He is indeed a curious specimen.”

~Comment made by a Vampire Lord upon first meeting him.


                    Sebastian’s parents were probably the most average people in the world prior to the birth of their son. On the very second of Sebastian’s birth his Father found a discarded $1000 bill. Although His father wanted to spend it right away to celebrate Sabastian’s mother persuaded him to frame it for sentimental reasons. Once released from the hospital they took a family photo at home with the framed $1000 bill in the background and sent it among friends. One particular friend happened to be friends with a rare money collector and noticed an anomaly that most money collectors would recognize in such a bill. The friend of the friend called the Dungeons family and made an immediate offer of $500,000 for the framed bill. They happily agreed and decided to put half of the money away for Sebastian’s education. Throughout their lives things just came easy for the Dungeons family. Promotions, money, needed things. The Dungeons never wanted for anything.
                    When Sabastian was old enough for school they gave him an entrance exam, as they did with every child in the state, to gauge the amount of personal help each child may require upon start of their education. This was done with a personal interview with an educator. The educator asked several question and although Sebastian did not understand anything the lady was saying he happen to answer ever single question correctly. The educator was astounded and reported to her superiors that she believed the child was a genius. The Department of Education contacted the Dungeon family and made an appointment with them for Sebastian to take a Scantron exam to test the level of his education. This put him in a room by himself with nothing but a paper, a pencil, a calculator, the exam and the Scantron. He sat the for several minutes confused and bored. He decided to draw pictures with the little bubble and told the administrator, when he was done, that he finished. This took minutes. The Scantron calculated all of the answers to be correct. There were several College level questions and two questions each were taken directly from the MCAT and LSAT. The department almost didn’t know what to do with him. He hadn’t even started Kindergarten yet and already exhausted any material the state could provide.
                    The Department suggested the family move to New York to attend a special school specifically designed for his needs. Initially they believed the department was telling them Sabastian was a slow learner. Upon listening further they saw that the Department was implying the opposite. They agreed but found out that the school was private and required a substantial tuition. What the Dungeons saved in the bank for his college wasn’t enough to cover it. Desperate they agreed that they would buy a lotto ticket and if they won they would move, if not Sebastian would just have a substandard education. The next day the numbers were called and the Dungeons were the only winners of the 4.5 million jackpot. Prior to the jackpot winning, years prior, the Government enacted a law that would cease taxes for a day after a few years. This day happened to fall on the day the Dungeons had won the Lottery. The Dungeons were famous for a while. Everyone had nothing but well wishes for them and yet no one sought to gain anything from them. As a joke, Mr Dungeon bought another Lotto ticket, the next day, playing the numbers “07,07,07,07,07”. He ended up winning. At this point the Dungeon knew that something wasn’t right. The Dungeons were then banned from playing the Lotto by the Lotto Commission of the state. A friend of the family, who was a lawyer advised them that the Commission had no right to restrict them and the family filed a lawsuit, which the end up winning making the Dungeons the 21st riches family in the world before they donated the majority of that money toward various charities and local programs. Needless to say at that point money was no object. The family ended up moving to New York and enrolling Sabastian into the School.
                    In the school Sabastian struggled absorbing the concepts but his work was always flawless. For years he was seen as the ‘dumbest smart guy’. People suspected he cheated but was never caught. Whenever he was stumped with his homework he’d visit Central Park to think. Eventually he’d fall asleep. At that time a retired and bored Ivy League Professor would come by, do the work for him and leave. This happened on several occasions. Sabastian just figured that he did the work in his subconscious. The odds of him succeeding in that school was calculated, as a joke among the students, as being 3,070,000:1 (the odds of being struck by lightning for that year). He graduated as Valedictorian (and it so happened that each contributing member of the joke were stuck by lightning hours after the ceremony, with no serious injuries). He was the youngest of the school to graduate as Valedictorian.
                    Sabastian decided he would take some time and travel around the world. Being fairly famous for a number of different occurrences and accomplishments the State officials asked if he would be interested in becoming an Ambassador of the United States. He hesitantly accepted. During his time around the world he: Beat a Chess Grandmaster in 3 moves, Was kissed by a Japanese Princess, Knighted in England, Won a Nobel Peace Prize, Created DubStep (accidentally), shortly studied as a Monk (which they informed him the Universe favored him) and a number of other things. While attending a party hosted by the Social elite of the world Sabastian received a phone call from his parents saying that they wished to visit. He was happy to hear from them and made arrangements for their visit.
                    He left the party early, which was in the dead of night and decided to take a shortcut to the place he was staying. This cut through a number of different deserted alleys. In one particular ally a cloaked decrepit, pale looking, old man called out for help because he fell. Sabastian decide to assist him off the ground. The old man thanked him as he was lifted. This put the man exactly where he wanted to be, close to Sabastians neck. The old man was actually not a man at all but a vampire. Not just a Vampire but a Vampire Lord: An ancient being who has been around for several millennium. They typically don’t show themselves but has other being acquire their needs. This particular Lord was bored and wish to experience ‘the hunt’ again. He gaped open his mouth as he was being helped, extending his fangs and drooling… just enough for a dove to fly right inside and get stuck. This caused a lot of commotion from himself and the bird. Sabastian saw the old man struggling to take the bird out of his mouth but wondered how it got there in the first place. He thought maybe the man was a Magician and began to clap. The bird who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, several hours prior ate some discards that were seasoned in garlic. Being scared for it’s life it pooped the contents it digested into the Lord’s mouth. This burned the Lords inside causing his mouth to smoke. He quickly ejected the bird, turned into a bat form and flew off. This all impressed Sabastian. He never saw a magician like that before. He returned back to his residence.
                    When the Vampire Lord returned to his brethren, with his mouth covered with pus and bumps they shared a laugh at their fellows misfortune. In disbelief that a mortal got the better of an Ancient One, the other two Lords tracked down Sabastian to his place of residence, where they found him soundly sleeping. Feeling like this would be no more than taking candy from a baby, each invited the other to take the first bite. One finally decided to take the initiative and with immortal speed went for the aorta. At the very last second Sabastion rolled over giving the Lord nothing more than a mouth full of pillow. The other Lord laughed. This angered him. He tried again and again and again but Sebastion always rolled over at the very last second. His pillow was decimated but still snored soundly. The Lord grew so angry he sought to strike Sebastian. The other Lord stopped him, motioned for him to calm down and held Sebastian by the shoulders. It was his turn now. Holding his shoulders he knew he wouldn’t roll around so he went for his neck. As he was getting closer, Sabastian motioned as if he wanted to roll over but couldn’t. As the Lord drew closer Sabastian arms flew forward and slapped the Lord in his open mouth. This caught the Lord off guard and stopped him in his tracks. The Lord who tried at 1st almost laughed out loud. Sabastian muttered something to the lines of “…how dare you do that to me.” and continued on snoring. Pride hurt he motion for the other Lord to assist him to restrain young Sebastian. With both now holding on to the boy they reasoned that nothing he could do would stop them. This particular bed though, happened to be very old and was scheduled to be replaced after Sabastian left. With the additional weight the bed could take no more. It began to creek and grown and the wooden frame broke from under them snapping and bending the canopy post. These posts snapped and bent in a fashion that were sharp and stake-like and uncomfortably close to each of the Lord’s hearts. They both knew that this was not by chance and had something to do with the boy, who was still asleep, despite everything. They backed away from the stake like object and no long sought to hurt the boy. Instead they left a note in an ancient looking cursive. The note simply said “When you are ready simply close your eyes, walk and seek us out. We will help you discover yourself. ~Your friends.”


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