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  • Trasia "Lox" Lavelle

    "My hair shielded a family from a nuclear explosion without even losing a follicle and yet the Coarse monster was able to tear an entire section from my head..."

    ~Lox debriefing an A.R.M.O.R agent after a skirmish w/ Coarse.


    "I hope this doesn't PHASE you too much."

    ~Among many similar one-liners Phase will use during a battle.

    *From the desk of Acquisition or Removal of < …

  • "The Man"

    To the World, "The Man" was the hero amongst heroes. "The Man" could do no wrong and was the best, beyond all others. "The Man" was synonymous with the word Super Hero. In the veteran hero community however they knew "The Man" was far less than the media …