Christoph Tyberius Moseley

Former scientist turned adventurer. Former adventurer turned wealthy tech mogul.


Expertise: Life Sciences 6 (14), Technology 5 (13)


Born Christopher T Moseley, Chris “Prime” is an enigmatic figure. He was a research and development scientist for LevesqueTech Industries when he either discovered or created a device of near limitless energy. A device he would go on to call the Ultimate Projector. After LevesqueTech CEO Paul Levesque murdered over 500 patrons at science expo and framed Moseley for the act of super terror, Chris took the device and went on the run, adopting the masked identity known as The Ultimate Projector. Under this guise, he would fight crime, attempt to clear his name, and rid Washington DC of the evil Paul Levesque.

The Ultimate Projector was apparently killed in a violent explosion in a battle with his nemesis Chronomancer. However “killed” was a gross overstatement. Chronomancer sent Chris back to the year 1985. Depowered and stranded in time, Chris made the best of his situation. He decided then and there that Christopher T Moseley had truly died in that explosion. From then on, he’d become Christoph Tyberius Moseley.

Using his charm, leadership, and his Eidetic Memory, Chris was able to win a modest lottery, buy a down on its luck tech company, and slowly but surely bring the innovations he’d witnessed from the late 80s, 90s, and 2000 to his current time. This allowed him to always manage to innovate a few steps ahead of his competitors, like IBM, Apple, AOL, and Google developing thousands of secret patents that these companies were forced to pay for when they developed “his” technology. It’s from these humble beginnings that the R&D leader known as MoseCorp was born.

Christoph Tyberius Moseley

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