Meta-human Unrest

In 2006, superhuman violence reached its peak. Several events happen to cause the American people to turn against Super-humans. Some of these events included:

  • the scourge of Coarse over the East Coast and Toronto.
  • The super-terrorist group known as Pandemic.
  • The ruin left behind by heroes such as Brandon Heat and Apex.

These events led to the Super-Human Registration Act (SRA) of 2008. The Act was signed into law by President Obama in 2009. Many felt that the law was unjust because while it forced all super-humans to register, it unfairly targeted mutants, who were unjustly blamed for the majority of acts of super-human violence (SHV).

The East Coast has suffered the most from acts of SHV, and therefore became a hotbed of anti super-human prejudice. The West Coast, however, didn’t share this negative opinion. In 2010, the city of St. John Paul, California opened its doors to all super-humans, especially mutants and granted them amnesty from the SRA.

Many other western cities did the same. Eventually, entire states in the west balked at the SRA. These states soon organized and secession talks began. In the 2011 State of the Union Address, President Obama was the first to publicly call these rogue states “Pacificans”. It was at this time that mutant leaders Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto decided to address the President. The mutant leaders arose from their seats and disrupted the State of the Union address. They petitioned the President to repeal the SRA. But as they approached the President, Xavier and Magneto were shot dead by a man in a never before seen United States Armed Forces suit of power armor.

Meta-human Unrest

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