Mourning, and the birth of the Federation

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to industry.

The assassination of Charles Xavier and Magneto were seen differently by the increasingly polarized East and West Coasts. The East saw it as a preemptive strike against a known Person of Mass Destruction and a terrorist sympathizer. The West, who thereafter embraced the name Pacificans saw the attack as a harbinger of Eastern aggression against two men coming in peace and seeking to be heard.

All states west of the Mississippi River seceded from the United States of America, and on Sunday, March 1, 2009, these states came together to form the Federation of Pacific States (FPS). The FPS combined the towns of Marysville and Everette and created the Federation of Pacific States new capital city of Regan, named after President Ronald Regan.

John McCain is installed as the interim leader of the FPS, and titles the highest office in the new country CEO, and names Lindsey Graham his Chief Operations Officer. The corporate feel of the new nation attracted many businessmen like Christoph Tyberius Moseley and most notably Tony Stark.

Christoph Moseley was the CEO of a company that specialized in research and development. This R&D was mostly in the tech industry. His contribution to the FPS came largely in developing one of a kind interfaces the new nation’s existing conventional weapons. A select few of the MoseCorp offices were able to simplify the creation of ranged energy weapons for military use. This lead to the first big MoseCorp contribution to the war effort, the MC Energy Sub-machine Gun, the MC Energy Rifle, and the MC Energy Pistol.


These weapons would give the small Pacifican military a much needed technological advantage over the USAF. Christoph took his first foray into true weapons production when he created the MoseCorp Heliplane FPS Mark 1, the worlds first mass producible anti-gravity weapon of war.


Christoph vowed that the Heliplane would not be his crowning achievement, and promised that future weapons from MoseCorp would be “Damn amazing!”.


Though Tony Stark swore off selling weapons after becoming Ironman, he was a staunch opponent of the SRA and a mutants rights supporter. The death of Prof. Charles Xavier lead Stark to put the full weight of Stark Industries behind the Federation. Stark Industry factories and satellite offices began to appear in the Midwest.

Knowing that the United States had the edge on manpower, Stark released heavily edited, modernized blueprints of his Mark 1 armor to Pacifican tech companies. Together, these organizations re-imagined the original concept and developed the Lightweight Corporate Conglomerate Armor, or the Lightweight CCA.

These suits, though simple, were years ahead of anything the United States was thought to have. Since MoseCorp was an integral part of their development, the Lightweight CCAs interfaced seamlessly with all other MoseCorp products. The suits allowed the wearer to interface with the new energy weapons, turning each user into a weapons expert. The armor also synced with the MoseCorp Heliplane, allowing the user to become a trifecta of fighter pilot, navigator, and, if need be, mechanic in a fraction of the time necessary for conventional craft. CCA corps were trained. Battle lines were drawn, and on June 26, 2009 the Civil War II officially began.

Mourning, and the birth of the Federation

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